“have on you your tools, and begin” | GRAPHIC SCORES

“Can a musician play from art?
…They look at first glance like pictures from an exhibition rather than pieces for a recital. These are the graphic scores which had their heyday in the musically libertarian 1970s.”
Tom Phillips


Irma is part of the canon of graphic scores, or works that do not have traditional musical notation. It is open to chance factors and creative choices and any performance or interpretation will be different from any other. Presented as a series of fragments, or suggestions, the new score extends the original single sheet score offering up hints for the characters, sound world, decor, and costume. But centrally, among the many instructions to the presenter is the option to ignore all or any of the instructions.


Opus X

score for performance group with text and dance map
published Lisson Gallery 1969
first performed under the direction of Richard Orton at the York Festival of New Music 1969

Opus IX Ornamentik


Irma Opus XIIB 2014

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